Watch Jason Chiu? A family is claiming to have suffered 1st and 2nd-degree burns, after a hotpot exploded at a restaurant in KL

A family is claiming to have suffered 1st and 2nd-degree burns, after a hotpot exploded at a restaurant in KL.

One of the victims, Jason Chiu, said his medical bills came up to RM30,000.
He told BFM News, the restaurant only offered RM4,000 in compensation. Jason provided details of the incident, which happened in September last year, in a Facebook post.
He noted that his family ordered four meals at the restaurant.
He said two of the hotpots extinguished within just five minutes and that a waiter helped them rekindle the fire.
However, shortly after, the other two hotpots also got extinguished. Jason noted that this time, another waiter helped them reignite the fire.
He said this waiter shook the gel container very vigorously and caused it to catch fire. Jason said the hotpot then suddenly exploded and that there were flames on both him and his father, on their face, back, and chest.
He claimed that the staff only stood there for the first five minutes, before one worker brought out a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze.
Jason said his mother sent him to the hospital while the restaurant owners sent his father and two sisters to the hospital afterwards.
He also claimed that the restaurant owners told his family that they would take responsibility for all of their medical expenses.
Jason added that his family decided to use their own insurance first, to ensure they would get treatment as soon as possible.
In October, he proposed a compensation plan to the restaurant owners. He told BFM News, his family was demanding RM80,000.
However, he said the owners rejected his claims.
He alleged that he was only offered a RM3,000 compensation package, which was made up of RM2,000 in cash and RM1,000 in cash vouchers to dine at the restaurant.
Jason told BFM News, the restaurant owners offered to increase the cash compensation to RM3,000 from RM2,000 after he rejected the package.
He described the offer as unreasonable, as his medical expenses came up to nearly RM30,000.
He added that his tuition fees now also cost RM10,000 due to his one month’s absence and that his clothes cost around RM500.
He told BFM News that he is taking legal action against the restaurant.
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