VIDEO: Sonu Jaiswal, identified as the Indian citizen and passenger who Facebook live streamed the moment before the YETI AIRLINES plane Crash took place in Pokhara, Nepal


Sonu Jaiswal, identified as the Indian citizen and passenger who streamed the moment before the YETI AIRLINES plane Crash took place in Pokhara, Nepal.

Sonu Jaiswal, an Indian Citizen who was in today’s Yeti Airlines. He was unknown about what was going to happen & was LIVE on Facebook.
Moments before the tragic plane crash in Nepal today streamed by a passenger on Facebook live…The prime minister of Nepal has declared Monday a national day of mourning, and the country’s government has set up a panel to investigate the cause of the plane crash that killed at least 68 of the 72 people on board Sunday, according to reports.
“I saw the plane trembling, moving left and right, and then suddenly it nosedived, and it went into the gorge,” local resident Khum Bahadur Chhetri told Reuters.
The plane, a Yeti Airlines flight, was making a 27-minute flight to a Nepal tourist town when it crashed into a gorge while attempting to land at a newly opened airport.
The plane took off from Kathmandu at 10:32 a.m. local time and checked in again at 10:50 a.m. before crashing. It was carrying 68 passengers, including 15 foreign nationals, as well as four crew members, Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement. The foreigners included five Indians, four Russians, two South Koreans, and one each from Ireland, Australia, Argentina and France.
Hours after dark, scores of onlookers crowded around the crash site near the airport in the resort city of Pokhara as rescue workers combed the wreckage on the edge of the cliff and in the ravine below. Officials suspended the search for the four missing people overnight and planned to resume looking Monday.
Nepal’s Yeti Airlines has confirmed there were 68 passengers, including five Indians on the aircraft. So far, 70 bodies have been retrieved by Nepalese authorities.
Anju lost her spouse 16 years ago to a plane crash on June 21, 2006. Her husband was a co-pilot too and, coincidentally, for Yeti Airlines itself. 16 years ago, Yeti Airlines 9N AEQ aircraft on its way to Jumla from Nepalganj via Surkhet crashed wherein six passengers and four crew members were killed. One of the people killed was Anju’s husband.
Captain Kamal KC made him sit on the seat of the chief pilot while flying to Pokhara earlier today. Today, after a successful landing, Anju was about to get a chief pilot’s license. However, merely 10 seconds away from her goal, her dreams came crashing down and went up in smoke.
On the other hand, the captain onboard the fateful aircraft had 35 years of piloting experience. Kamal KC had trained many pilots in the past and the pilots trained by him are known as successful pilots today.
Crowds have gathered at the site of a plane crash in central Nepal, where a rescue operation is taking place.
Seventy-two people were on board the Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu, officials say,
Rescue crews can be seen dousing fires on the aircraft wreckage as crowds look on.
Some 200 Nepalese soldiers are involved in the rescue in the gorge of the Seti River, just one and a half kilometres from the airport.
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