VIDEO: Prosecutors say they found blood in the basement of the Cohasset home belonging to missing woman, Ana Walshe, and that her husband, Brian Walshe, purchased $450 worth of cleaning supplies the day after she was last seen


The husband of the missing Cohasset woman, Brian Walshe, is being taken to court for his arraignment.

Walshe is charged with misleading a police investigation. Police say Ana Walshe went missing on New Year’s Day.

Brian reported her missing last week. Prosecutors say they found blood in the basement of Ana Walshe’s #Cohasset home. Also saying her husband purchased $450 worth of cleaning supplies the day after she disappeared.
Brian Walshe, 46, is slated to be arraigned Monday morning in Quincy District Court on charges he misled law enforcement officials who have been working to track down his wife’s whereabouts, according to Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey.
Shortly after 9 a.m., Cohasset police officers were spotted escorting Walshe into the courthouse for his hearing.
“During the course of that investigation, police developed probable cause to believe that her husband Brian Walshe had committed the crime of misleading police investigators,” Morrissey said.
Family members told Cohasset police that Ana Walshse was supposed to take a rideshare to Logan Airport on New Year’s Day in order to fly to Washington D.C. Ana works for Washington D.C.- based real estate company Tishman Speyer and owns a second home in the nation’s capital.
According to Cohasset Police Chief William Quigley, a family member last saw her in her Cohasset home between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day. There is no indication she ever arrived at the airport and Walshe’s cellphone, credit and debit cards have been inactive since her disappearance on January 1.
Brian Walshe and Ana’s employer reported her missing three days later on Wednesday, January 4.
On Friday, January 6, members of the Cohasset Police Department and the Massachusetts Special Emergency Response Team began combing the woods near Walshe’s Cohasset home. The ground search was suspended on Saturday, with authorities announcing they would not actively resume the search unless they gained new information that warranted its renewal.

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