VIDEO: NOT MATHEMATICS! 200 level Philosophy student of Unizik, Daniel Dannywhyte Ugochukwu, shot dead by armed robbers after requesting his SIM card not phone during robbery raid at Success Lodge, Ifite, Awka


200 level Philosophy student of Unizik, Daniel Dannywhyte Ugochukwu, shot dead by armed robbers after requesting his SIM card during robbery raid at Success Lodge, Ifite, Awka.

According to information, Dannywhyte Ugochukwu Daniel, wasn’t a Mathematics student as speculated.
He was indeed a year 2 student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, studying Philosophy under physical sciences.
His real picture and Facebook account have been identified by KossyDerrickEnt team after much investigation and questioning in DMs of Unizik students.
According to information, he wasn’t dragging his phone with the armed robbers, but only requested his SIM card and in the process, he was shot dead.
The armed robbers were said to have ran for their lives, because they know what would have happened if being caught.
According to information, SuG president of Unizik and other Unizik students are planning to stage a peaceful protest today in solidarity over death of Dannywhyte Ugochukwu and other Unizik students.
Conflicting reports have it that Daniel was shot either at Success lodged or LAUREL JUNCTION IFITE AWKA.
Information reads: “Good morning everyone. It’s indeed a black Monday for all students of nnamdi azikiwe university.
We lost a 200 level philosophy student to the hands of armed robbers yesterday being Sunday.
A 200 level philosophy students by name Daniel was shot on his stomach at his lodge which was located at LAUREL JUNCTION IFITE AWKA by armed robbers who came to rob is lodge. Due to the fact that he Daniel was dragging his phone and some other valuables with them…
He was shot in his stomach and was rushed immediately to AMAKU TEACHING HOSPITAL but unfortunately before getting there he died due to loss of blood.
“With this effect the student of nnamdi azikiwe university spare headed by the SUG president in the person of COMRADE IJEOMAH are going for a peaceful protest/walk this morning by 10am. The venue is Garuba square school gate.
I would say it again… Unizik isn’t safe. If an arm robber should stop you kindly give out that phone, hand bag or wallet. It shouldn’t cost your life.
Once there is life you can as well recover all of that.
Rest in peace Daniel… God knows why.
With grief in my heart I send my condolence to his parents and I pray that the good lord gives them the fortitude to bear this lost.
“The first video under this write up was an hour before the robbery incident took place.
Please you all should be safe… Unizik is very in secured. Don’t keep late night, if you’re being approached by a robber, kindly give them what they want and move ahead with your life…
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