Verified Information about who died of cardiac arrest from excessive tasing by cops was an English teacher in the United States of America

 Keenan Anderson, who died of cardiac arrest from excessive tasing by cops was an English teacher in the United States of America.
Keenan Anderson—a 31-year-old high school teacher & father—stopped LA police for help after an accident. They instead cuffed him, pinned him, & tased him repeatedly as he begged them to stop.
Keenan died of cardiac arrest from excessive tasing.
His crime—asking police for help. LAPD is already blaming Anderson for his own death, claiming he was erratic and on drugs. The video footage doesn’t lie. He asked for help, and they instead pinned him, cuffed him, tased him, & killed him.
Keenan screamed out, “They’re trying to George Floyd me.”
He knew what was happening and he was powerless to prevent it. Instead, the LAPD he stopped to help him—as the law requires civilians to do after an accident—pinned him down and tased him 7 times. SEVEN.
Witnesses initially told officials that a man — later identified as Keenan Anderson, 31 — had caused a traffic collision at a busy intersection and was “running in the middle of the street and exhibiting erratic behavior,” according to LAPD Capt. Kelly Muñiz.
After officers arrived, Anderson obeys orders and sits on the sidewalk while being questioned, the footage shows.
The young black man then expresses concern that other cops will try to plant evidence in the BMW he was driving and left down the street.
The Los Angeles Police Department claimed that Anderson had been responsible for car crash in the Venice area and was in the middle of the street ‘exhibiting erratic behavior.’ Officers attempted to conduct an investigation of a driver operating under the influence.
Following his passing, Cullors took to instagram to mourn the passing of her cousin and blame the LAPD for his killing.
Cullors said Anderson was an educator who ‘worked with high school aged children.’
‘He was an English teacher,’ she wrote. ‘LAPD has killed three people this year One of them is my family member.’
‘Keenan deserves to be alive right now, his child deserves to be raised by his father. Kennan we will fight for you and for all of our loved ones impacted by state violence,’ she wrote.
A post on social media by Anderson’s sister addressed her brother’s death and expressed a similar sense of injustice. ‘Keenan Anderson my brother was killed by LAPD I truly believe,’ she wrote.
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