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Now a day’s no one can imagine their life without their smartphones, and smartphones are nothing without an internet connection. I describe how to get free internet on android without the data plan.

Before describing the ways to get free internet on android without a data plan I would like to talk about its advantages that you are going to enjoy as well as what you will need to access free internet on your Android:



The first benefit will be that it will be free, with no extra charges;

For enjoying these below-mentioned services you don’t need to be technically skilled;

Free from any sort of virus;


Easy to use;

You can use any social media platform for free;

Things that will be needed for free internet on android without a data plan using these services are:


Zero balance active data plan is needed;

Cell phones, tablets, and Android devices these can use the free internet on android without data plan service;

There should be no balance in your mobile;


All versions of Android can use the free internet on android without a data plan service.

Now follow the following steps;

1 Open the data connection from your phone.


2 Turn on the flight mode.

3 Then type this code, *#*#4636#*#* it will display; phone’s information, WiFi testing and usage statistics.

The window will appear as follows:


Click on “phone’sphone information”

Then from there, you turn on the cellular radio power. Ensure that as you do so your phone is in flight mode.


Thank you very much.

Content created and supplied by: Elvooh (via Opera News )


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