Actress Angela Eguaveon Wails After She Was Unable To Collect Her PVC After Waiting For Hours

The actress took to her social media page to narrate her ordeal to her followers.

Actress Angela Eguaveon has cried out on her social media page over her inability to collect Permanent Voters Card (PVC).
According to her, she’s eager to vote in the upcoming election.
Narrating her ordeal, from point of registration and inability to secure her PVC, the fatigued Eguaveon said: “I am literally just getting home now.
“I am extremely exhausted, heartbroken and pissed because I went through so much stress to get my PVC registration done and the stress continued again for collection as I have been on the collection process since yesterday.
“I went to the LGA at Ikate yesterday then I was referred to Ikota Primary School, I got there and the crowd scared me.
“I just had to do an early morning run today but las las the Nigeria factor came in, MY PVC WAS NOT PRINTED.”
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