2023: Nigerians can’t afford to miss opportunity to elect Atiku, says SSM’s VP, Timothy Sule

  • Rains heavy knocks on detractors

The Vice President of the Southern Solidarity Movement has called on all supporters of His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to remain steadfast and committed to the victory of the PDP Presidential candidate at the February 25th, 2023 Presidential election.

In his new year message, Comrade Timothy Sule stated, “This is a New year, and we must be forward-thinking. Nigeria has a divine date with destiny, and this year we have an opportunity to determine our future in the polls. Although I am from Edo State in the South of Nigeria, I am a Nigerian and do not discriminate against any tribe or region. The choice of the next president of Nigeria should be made thoughtfully and carefully with a clear head. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to elect a visionary leader like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar”

“In our meetings as the Southern Solidarity Movement For Good Governance, we endorsed Atiku Abubakar months ago. And in light of what has been going on with few days to the election, we still support the former Vice President because he has everything in his armory to make Nigeria great. His wealth of experience, leadership quality, network, and enterprising mind can help the nation in times like this”, he stated.


He also said that; “I want to urge our supporters to avoid treacherous remarks and false allegations making the rounds on social media. These are the handiworks of political jobbers bent on filling their pockets instead of placing the nation’s interest first. These detractors are motivated by malice and not lovers of our country . Anytime they see good coming to Nigeria, they raise their ugly heads to thwart the country’s progress. But this time, we must resist them and keep moving forward”.

Commenting on the purported phone conversation with Atiku Abubakar doing the rounds on social media, he said that; “In the first place, to record someone without their consent is criminal, and then to share it on social media shows you the extent people will go to sell their soul to the devil. Anyone with such character does not deserve the attention of Nigerians, and no serious citizen of the country will listen to such traitors.”

He admonished all supporters of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to be “focused and deliver your unit with your voters’ card, which is your access card. Our supporters in the diaspora should please rally their communities at home to stand firm and protect their votes. I wish all Nigerians, home and abroad, a happy New Year.”


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